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We are a group of friends, born in Vila Alva, who came together to create XXVI Talhas. We grew up watching our family members produce Talha wine and, therefore, we have a great passion for this tradition. This project, an old dream, is born with the aim of dignifying and promoting the Talha wine produced in Vila Alva.


As our village is one of the places in the Alentejo where the tradition of Talha wine production, introduced by the Romans, has remained until today, we feel the responsibility to continue it. Unfortunately, in recent years, this practice has been reducing dramatically and it is this trend that we intend to help reverse.


It is with this objective in mind that we reactivated Mestre Daniel's old ‘Adega’, with 26 Talhas, where we produce Talha wine according to traditional methods.


It was the combination of the number of Talhas in our cellar (26) with the Roman origin of this type of winemaking that led us to name our project “XXVI Talhas”. In addition to wine production, we seek to disseminate this ancestral practice by organizing initiatives in our own winery and participating in events.

Visit our winery, follow us on social media to find out everything about our activities and of course, about our wines.

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