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Adega do Mestre Daniel

It is in Mestre Daniel's old Adega, in Vila Alva, that we produce our Talha wine according to traditional methods.


Daniel António Tabaquinho dos Santos (1923-1985) in addition to producing wine, he also used this place to work as a carpenter and, for this reason, he was known locally as "Mestre Daniel". Mestre Daniel produced here Talha wine for about 30 years, following the family tradition he inherited from his parents and grandparents. After his death, some years of production followed. However, in 1990, the winery ended its activity. In 2018, after almost thirty years of interregnum, the winery is back in operation, resuming the local and family tradition of Talha wine production.


As is the tradition in Vila Alva, the containers used for winemaking are the Talhas, descended from the large Roman vessels, with capacities that vary between 300 and 1300 liters. In our cellar we have 26 Talhas: 22 are made of clay, some dating from the 19th century, and 4 are made of reinforced cement, which, although more recent (1930s), were manufactured by “Vila Alva masters”, which is why they also have great significance for us.


This winery, one of the most traditional in Vila Alva, has an area of ​​170m2 and has been in the possession of the family for more than 60 years. From the centenary building of the winery, the roof that had to be replaced in 2010 could not resist. Recently, it was also necessary to repair and install all the elements necessary to guarantee the production of wine with quality and with safety and hygiene conditions.

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